animal intrusion

We also specialise in cleaning roof cavities following animal intrusion in the roof cavity. Rats and possums can wreak havoc in a roof void and the mess can be extreme. Not only can we clean up the insulation and dust, but we can also scrub down and seal contaminated joists and plaster (please refer to our sister company for more information) and erradicate the odour caused by the animal intrusion. Read more >>>>

Roof Cavity Cleaning Melbourne

Our company has been cleaning roof cavities and removing dust and insulation in Melbourne and rural Victoria for more than ten years and we are the industry pioneers in Victoria.We have both truck mounted and portable machines designed to deal with different sized properties, good access and poor access. One of our specialities is cleaning roof cavities in heritage buildings as we have many years of experience dealing with older buildings with fragile ceilings.

Some of our clients include MLC (insulation and dust removal), Melbourne Grammar (insulation and dust removal and insulation installation), Caulfield Grammar (general cleanup after possum intrusion), Essendon Social Club (bird removal) amongst many others. We specialise in cleaning roof cavities, removing insulation and dust and installing insulation. Our powerful truck mounted or portable machines can operate in any area. If your focus is on achieving the cleanest and most dust free environment possible, then call us for a free quote.

Insulation and Dust removal in Melbourne

Over the years the build up in dust in the roof cavity can be extreme - and it can seep into the living areas through downlights and cornices etc and cause severe health issues for those suffering from asthma, allergies etc. The dust can also contain lead, rat droppings, carcasses. Insulation has a shelf life and over the years its effectiveness starts to reduce as it deteriorates due mainly to the UV rays that penetrate the roof. In addition to the increasing ineffectiveness, as it deteriorates, the insulation sheds tiny particulates which become airborne and can cause health issues with inhabitants.

concerned about airborne dust?

We have specialised equipment to both determine the levels of airborne dust in your house or roof cavity and the equipment required to remove it if required. Learn more>>>>

standard or Xtreme Clean

We have two levels of service - our basic roof cavity cleaning, insulation and dust removal service is our most popular and economical process which suits most households. Our advanced service includes the use of HEPA filtered air scrubbers to remove dust and other airborne particulates from both the roof cavity and the living area of the dwelling. This service is extremely popular in dwellings where people are suffering from allergies and/or respiratory problems. Learn more>>>>

Damp problems? Contact our sister company Dampco.
Mould problems? Contact our sister company Mouldco.

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